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2011. március 24., csütörtök

Spring thaws

I look at my wardrobe collection. My elegant Brussels suits, Indian hippie outfits, traditional kurtas and Thai fisherman’s pants are living there in a peaceful democracy. Oh, and not to forget my current favorites, the tight jeans and those couple T-shirts that I wear until I get bored.

I try on my old time favourite, a  grey blazer and I admire myself in the mirror. This is me too, wow, as if I were a completely different person. My posture has suddenly changed too. Anyways, this look also belongs or belonged to me. But in my present, these types of clothes feel inappropriate, my current being requires another form. Could I have so many Me? So many skins to change? So many forms and alterations?

I am sitting in the grass outside in the garden. Nature awakens around me. It is Spring. Everything changes and transforms. In the sunshine, all and every takes upon a new form, comes out of its cocoon or its winter shelter and sleep. The forces of water and earth, the influence of the Kapha dosha are apparent everywhere. Rivers are overflowing, from the wet soil new greens stick their heads up, and there is an overflowing of emotions, birds are singing and people long for love. Spring is the season of rejuvenation and passion.

All and every are changing, altering, and the stories of our lives are in a current move too. Notice, how many forms you can take, your creativity and transformational power are only limited by the infinite. I am also thinking about my life, who was I, who am I, and where am I heading to? In all these transformations where is stability? Where am I? If all my things, my life, my outer environment including my human relationships are capable of constant change, then who am I at the end? Who is that swims with the flow? Who is that makes further steps ahead through all these experiences? Who is that one day might turn into a butterfly?

I am that I am. So Ham, or I am that, says the Mantra. This is considered to be the most natural mantra which is constantly resonating in the human ear. The little current of air created by the inhale and the exhale gives this subtle sound. Inhale So, exhale Ham. SO-HAM, SO-HAM. I am that. Who? That. All and nothing. The biggest and the smallest. Macrocosm and microcosm. It is useless to define myself. I can dress up in any form. I can have thousands of skins. The point is, that until I hear this mantra naturally inside, I do exist. In this physical world at least. I just accept this form, santosha, or with contentment. It is useful to learn to feel good or at least feel the power of letting go in each situation, just like a child. Even if I am wearing something fancy or if I am covered in mud because of playing in the grass. The only thing that matters is that inner happiness over the fact that I exist, and that every morning a new opportunity comes: Thank you that I am here.

Spring is here, and in this season Nature invites you to admire her beauty and that ease with which plants and animals are accepting their existence. Let this joy first flow in your heart and then allow it to bring new forms and relationships into your life. Enjoy the creativity inherent in the form and let love flow.

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