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2010. június 8., kedd

Listen to your body

Arrghh, today I wanted to write in Hungarian, but my keyboard does not want to change to HU, even if I press it a hundred times. Well then, let it be, I go with the flow and write in English. Anyways, it is so good that I am not limited by  language;) But the next post will be for sure in my beautiful mother tongue, I promise.

So, what happened today? For about two weeks by now (well with a week of total interruption due to travel) I am doing every morning my two hours routine, the Acro yoga sequence. This is quite a hard sequence combining very dynamic movements with harder asanas and many inversions. Actually this is quite a strenuous exercise in itself but now I am only doing it to prepare for a workhop, I want to be in a real good shape for that. But honestly, it was terribly hard the first week, the second getting better, but by now, also probably because of the climate change here (switching from frozen to boiled) my body just could not take it any more. Yesterday I still did it, I am a tough girl and once I have my will focused on something I will definitely do it, but I could feel the tiredness afterwards. Then my body sought for a 40 minutes meditation.

However, today, there was a rebellion. My body was not stiff or anything like that but it was protesting: "I want something lighter and more calming, you gave me too much heat and adrenalin these last days". So, I decided that I will do the good old sequence of my second teacher in Mysore. That one of Venkatesh. He himself was a pure horror while there, making every yoga class a terrible experience with all his discouraging and punishing words, but I still like his sequence. Oh yeah, I know, I am a yoga monster. It is a sequence that can be done more slowly, peacefully, but if you do it faster or hold it longer it is a real tough pussy. I also decided that today I don't need music. Oh yes, now I confessed, sometimes I do use music too. I think on certain days when there is no sun, sun salutation is more efficient if you back it up with some sun tickling wibes too. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that, also depending of course on the music, but I only use instrumental soothing tracks.

But on this beautiful sunny and warm tuesday which was already like a gift, I decided that I need no support. It is enough if I totally listen to my body while doing this restorative sequence. I did all in 90 minutes, holding most of the asanas for about 10 breaths, some, which felt better that way, longer. Especially karnapidasana, that is the one when you came up to shoulderstand and then put your legs behind your head on the ground (halasana) and then bend your knees and place them by the ear. This is one of my favourite asanas. Karna means ears and pida means pain, discomfort or pressure. Basically, the name suggest that in this pose you block your ears, and helped by this pose, you will block out the outer noises, and will naturally start focussing on your inner happenings. This is one of the reasons why I love it. I am turning inwards, hear my breath almost from the "inside" and this pose gives a fantastic stretch to my back. Especially, when I used to work in an office and sat for the whole day slouching, then when practising this asana my back wanted to break. Yes, it might be painful, but just wait a little bit, "you are not going to die" my lovely Venkatesh would say in his nice tone, but this is somewhat right. I would certainly try to encourage students in a different manner, but the idea is still correct. Try to tolerate your pain and you will see how after a little while your body gives in, starts to relax more, and the stretching will become more pleasant. This is just a wonderful exercise to iron out your spine and to get rid of middle back and shoulderblade muscle pain very quickly. It always works for me.

On the other hand, it also gives relief to your heart. That is why we do it at the end of the sequence. So your body gets prepared for final relaxation. I also did some easy pranayama afterwards, and then again a longer meditation. It was sooooo soothing and I felt really like someone who just got up from bed again.

I am generally someone with a lot of energy and vitality, but when my body says I have to take a break/take it easier, I have to follow that advice. I learned that very well, because in India this was totally indispensible. I had to take care of myself in every moment otherwise I could have easily got an injury doing so much yoga, even twice a day in certain periods. But I always monitored myself, stretched and worked my body with awareness, therefore no injury in six months;)
Although, this listening also applies to many things, not just to yoga. In your everyday activities, if your eyes get tired, or your head, or you need to jump or walk or sit, just try to listen to these small signals and then act accordingly. This is not pampering yourself, this is necessary. Our body is a very intelligent system, sometimes more intelligent than us. Never miss a chance to take its advice, it will only be to your benefit.

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  1. more please, I'm enjoying your writing (when in beautiful english)
    You express yourself and yoga very well.