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2010. június 14., hétfő

Ahimsa beautiful butterfly

In India in the south I felt blissed every day by the beauty of the wonderful and giant butterflies colouring the air.

One day, I had a conversation with my yoga teacher in the garden, and someone was flying by. I, automatically raised my hand to protect my face; I have to admit, sometimes I am really afraid of such big "unidentified flying objects", outch especially if they make a bzzz sound. He looked at me with wonder and gave me a little speech on how we should love all the animals and plants around us, because that is also ahimsa, the first yama, non-violence. Why do we want to destroy always everything around us, and are hostile towards other creatures? And in that moment a nice butterfly landed on his head. He continued "You zee (he had a nice accent:), I love them, so they come to me." Later on he also explained that we never listen to nature, although it is not for nothing if an animal wants to come to you and to touch you. Everything has a message.
We continued talking, and then during two minutes another two butterflies landed on his wise head. I started laughing, "Are you practising some magic?", I did not want to beleive my eyes. But he said, "No magic, just emitting vibes of love towards them."

Some time later, another interesting thing happened still in his shala (yoga school). One morning we came out of meditation class. After that we could always have a free coconut on the corner and who would miss out on that. However, we got used to minimize our talk, to keep the stillness of our practice for a little longer. But I could not keep my mouth shut when I saw a real giant flying behind the back of my friend. It was the kind a collector could dream of. Wow, great size and a gracefully sculpted body, she was a black beauty with vibrant red stripes. My friend, after the deep focussing, was still in a different world, so slowly but surely she got the message and when she finally turned to see her visitor, she got really excited. Her pleasure was double, because she was trying out a new practice today. In her meditation she was trying to send love towards animals, and the first thing she thought of were butterflies:) Stunned by her efficiency, I asked her if she meditated on anything bigger, and she replied that yes on some lions too, so I looked around scared and that made her laugh.

In Rishikesh,  in the guest house, we had a corner in the staircase where all flying things, even one day a little bird, were captured behind a huge glass window enticing them with the illusion of freedom but finally bringing about their slow death on the stone. Butterflies were over-represented in the deadly crowd, and I was heartbroken to see them finish their lives this way. Butterflies are not just amazing in shape and decoration, their whole life represents a wonderful transformation. Their story tells us about the possibility of getting rid of the worm-like coating, the ugly limitations and to flap wings and fly high. Although for them, that is only their genetic program, but for us it could be a great inspiration. So I felt obliged to save them wherever I could. I gently imprisoned them for a second between my palms and then walked out to the air and let them free.
At the end, what is the difference between a butterfly and me? We are both alive and manifestations of the same universal consciousness present in all living creatures.

But see what happened now. Last weekend I was working in our small vineyard adjusting the leaves and a butterfly, though much smaller than her Indian editions landed on my arm. The little visitor was not at all afraid, she was very enthusiastically licking my arm, and would not clear away for anything. I continued working with her on my arm for about 5 minutes. Then she moved but landed on my hand forcing me to stop work. "Contemplate me, will you?", I heard her suggestion. Suddenly, I remembered that how ardently I tried to catch these type of small guys when I was a kid. I always wanted to have a closer look at them, but when I touched them soon they died. Now I felt honoured by this little visitor who exposed herself so boldly and honestly to me.

Therefore today, when I saw a nice T-shirt in the shop, I could not resist. This is the one I am wearing while writing this post. Guess what's on it? Of course, a wonderfly.

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