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2011. április 9., szombat

Varietas Delectat - Variety is the spice of life

Yesterday I took a tram drive. I struggled my way through the crammed coach to find a little empty spot in the middle. Normally, I am almost blind in these moments, I am intimidated by all the curious looks staring at me. But as soon as I gained my place next to a four seater, a girl attracted my attention. She was a sort of high school student, sitting by the window in the morning sunlight, sleeping. Her eyes were resting under her long eyelashes and her face seemed velvety soft. She looked ethereal like a fairy. So delicate and fine, I could not take me eyes off her. She was a real beauty. Immediately, I felt the seeds of jealousy sprouting in me. But somehow the feel had changed.

At once, the idea came to my mind, why is that I don’t pay attention to anyone else, the by-standers are invisible, I can see no other but this girl. Beauty is attractive and we seem to have a propensity to notice only those who are more good looking, more clever or skilled than us. And then we just sulk or grudge. It is no incident, because our ego continuously tries to convince us of our vulnerability once we „loose out” in the comparison with someone else. But this time it happened differently for me. I thought that God created this beautiful girl in one of his good moments, and he was delighted. He was happy over his creation. He gave yet another form to the Spirit, which proved to be masterly this time. I could also find an inspiration in this to be happy, right? If he was glad? On top of that, variety itself deserves to be praised or as the latin says, Varietas Delectat or ’Variety is the spice of life’.

With this thought I started to peek around. I consciously observed all the others standing by. And again, I was reminded how good it is if I am able to wonder at the diversity of life. According to Samkhya philosophy we all come from the same, big, common soul, the Purusha. This is also the essence of Yoga, to lead us back to this Unity. Yoga takes us to the realization that all is One. However, the Soul, as soon as it is born into a body, gets influenced by the forces of Prakriti, the gunas and the five elements and it may take up various physical embodiments. None is better than the other, it is just a new form, a new vehicle for experience. This is why the embodied Soul is called Rashi Purusha, or Karma Purusha (Karma meaning action) since through our actions, our experiences we all have another chance to explore the laws of the world and the unmanifest and through our encounters we may finally recognize the union of our True Self with the Purusha.

I looked around. How many different faces we have, how much diversity is expressed in the Rashi Purusha. There was a thin, bony man with glasses and tie, a middle-aged, modest looking short-haired housewife, an obese, snoring big bear with a mustache, some rosy-cheeked teenagers, an older posh lady and for contrast some homeless people. And all is a container for the same Soul. For a second I toyed with the idea of being any of them, and then with a grin on my face I got comfy in my mortal coil.

I took off the tram and when I stepped outside into the light and felt the rays of the sun on my face, somehow my Soul cheered up. I was filled with a careless childlike happiness. I remembered Eckhart Tolle who sitting on a bench admired this dance of the Forms for some years. I guess, I got to understand him a little better now.

I wish everyone wonderful moments of gazing:)

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