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2012. szeptember 15., szombat

Prana Vashya – transformation in body and soul

I am sitting on the floor in padmasana. It is hot outside, the cows are lowing, the street is full of noises. In the smaller room I am sitting with another eight in silence. Oooone, twooooo, threeee...I hear the annoyingly slow counts. Vinay's calm but ruthless commands dictate my breath. I feel I am suffocating, I cannot breathe so slowly. On top of that, my body wants to boil from the inside. I thought that with two Indian TTCs and years of practice under my belt, I can do yoga, but I start to understand that this is the beginning of the real practice.
“For true practice to occur, you must give justice to every breath”, says Vinay and he means it. There are no excuses, you must follow his breath choreography not only during the pranayama class, but also during asana practice.

There is no yoga without conscious breathing. This information has been coded into my cells during the months I spent with him. Prana Vashya, prana control, in other words the extension of consciousness and the life force to our every part. This makes the system of Prana Vashya truly unique. It creates such a focus in the practitioner, that leads to an elevated level of consciousness where physical and internal transformation can take place.
I learned it through my own experience. During the months in India, I acquired such an incredible physical strength and stamina that was wowed by my fellow students. Though the most important change happened on the inside. The eye is the mirror of the soul and funnily enough I also recognized that my look has changed in India this time. It became more powerful, meaningful and determined. I grew up and found the way back to myself.

I started teaching Prana Vashya here in Hungary. I think that this type of yoga, according to its level of innovation, is on a par with Ashtanga yoga of Patthabi Jois and the yoga of Iyengar. Vinay is one of the greatest contemporary masters in yoga, and I am sure that international recognition and fame will come to him, although slowly but surely. There are signs already, because despite his little focus on advertising, he keeps attracting outstanding students from all corners of the world. His teaching style is unique, for he only takes one teacher's training student at a time and he likes to push his students to the end of their limits and even beyond. As he explained to me, his goal is not simply to train teachers but to form such great leading characters who are able to guide people on the path of yoga.
He expects the highest level of dedication and precision of his teacher candidates and he is hard on them, because he wants to make the best out of them.
This approach caused me a “little suffering”, since there were moments during the training when I thought this is beyond my limits. Vinay continuously kept me in his famous state of “optimal stress”, so that I don't loose my determination, not even for a moment. Thanks to this, I gained such a physical and mental strength that helped me in all various life situations ever since.

Why is Prana Vashya so transformational? Now, that I am teaching it on a regular basis, I can observe people with the eyes of a teacher. The practice of Prana Vashya is physically so hard, and because of the intensive breathing it is so focused, that besides the practice a practitioner has not much chance to wonder about. Psychically, it takes you to such a concentrated state of mind where physical and mental blockages can come forth and get released. Due to the intensive ujjayi breath, the heat created from the inside starts to work in the deep to “burn out” the toxins. An excessive sweating starts which is internally generated, without any unnecessary external influence burdening the organism. So the heart is not stressed, but through the sweating we get rid of the “loosened up” toxins.
It is no coincidence that during a Prana Vashya class, the room reminds us of a battlefield. People get very sweaty, some produce a smaller water stain around them, but the greatest battle is fought on the inside. I see it on their face as they fight with themselves: with the loudly hammering thoughts, their anger, and their swirling emotions. You cannot escape yourself during Prana Vashya.
Being a very fiery practice, it also works with water energies and also moves the emotions, the part of the psyche representing water. Breathing in this process is like a crutches. You can and should use it. Vinay's “optimal stress” is great to understand and experience in this situation that stress can be calmed through breathing. You can also learn how your daily worries fade away in light of the importance of the current challenge: Can I perform utthita kurmasana today or not?

Such as we are: we love the challenge, the hard situations, we crave for every drop of catarsis. Because we know that only tough ideas worth realizing, for where is difficulty there lies also opportunity.

Prana Vashya is a kind of yoga where this change can happen. This is what I see on the faces and I hear from the feedback. I observe, watch the “movies” on the faces, I see the struggle, the hardship of existence in the facial expressions. And at the end I see tranquility, release and purification.
At the end of a class I love to watch the liveliness of the people. It seems everyone had put on a large amount of moisturizer.
Two hours of struggle, breathing, catarsis and total refreshment. For me this is Prana Vashya.

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