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2012. január 6., péntek

How could acro yoga be spiritual?

I love acro yoga. Since I got into it and started practicing, I am a fan. It is unbelievable how much progress I made and funnily enough, I know already how much I am going to laugh in a year's time at the level I am at the moment. To put it simply, in this practice the only thing you can do is to Progress and get better.

Why? Because, acro yoga not only includes phyisical liftings but it really takes you high mentally and spiritually as well. Indeed, it is an adrenalin booster, that is why so many get hooked real quick. But if you do it without a spiritual “extra”, it remains a funny and spontaneous exercise. Acro yoga puts you to incredible challenges and possibilities, even spiritually for you need to go beyond your boundaries, fears, mental inflexibilities from class to class. This kind of inner transformation can only happen though, if full attention, focus and mutual care are present.

In experienced hands and when the appropriate attitude and love is there, acro yoga can absolutely become a spiritual practice and it might bring wonders.

The Ego is the frame itself with which we identify ourselves day after day: our physical appearance, beliefs, limitations, obsessions, the Cogito ergo sum, that we think we are what we think. Acro yoga hits exactly on these weak points and it takes you to far away lands where thinking has not much value.

For example, in the air you need a completely different body awareness. Once you are lifted high hanging down in an inversion, you might not be able to simply realize such simple things like where are your legs and your arms. But you might need to act swiftly using your instinctive body intelligence, otherwise you could hit yourself. On top of that you have to cooperate with another person who is also struggling with his own fears, burdens, thought patterns.

Meeting a difficulty always implies that you are ready for the solution, you have got a chance to evolve. Hardship is an opportunity. A chance to move beyond your limits and to trust in your wholeness and the divine. It is an opportunity to experience Your Self. To see that you are that limitless creature who can learn to do a handstand over 30, or even get younger despite the passage of time. To understand your unlimitedness and to get a taste of how it is when you let your creative energies flow through you.

My favorite story is about our student, a girl fighting with her agoraphobia. She can't stand the crowds, and for her 6 people is already a crowd. She gets nervous and lost when we put in a bit more upbeat music and there are also some movements that put her totally off and she panics. There are moments, when I see her struggling with her internal turmoil, crying a little, but she continues to come to the class with an unshakable determination. And every time we look at her, we are so happy to see her expanding her “frame”. And on the horizon you see that her sky is clear, she could be fearless and free. I hope we can accompany her to arrive this far, but in the meantime I feel gratitude that she puts so much trust in us and we are lucky to be able to work with such people in Akrokommando.

Not to mention, that she is soon performing a perfect handstand, only after a few months of practice. She is getting more and more confident and self-assured. She is a pleasure to watch.

The ego always feeds on negative feelings and especially on that it makes you feel you are small, impotent, you are closed into this body and this mental design. For you got a slap in the face when you were six, therefore you know you are such and such and you blame all to it. But don' t let this rule you, you are more.

When I see myself performing acro on the videos, I cannot believe that the woman I see is really me. The half-blind premature kid who was always way underweight and the whole time exempted from PE class. And it is not even the broken back brain woman lawyer that smiles back to me, but a completely different being.

Watch me here to check it for yourself:

Akrokommando 2011 summary video

And you can also watch this mini documentary on who we are in Akrokommando:

I change, and acro yoga brings new dimensions into my physical and mental being, and it greatly helps me in my creative self-expression.

Yesterday we were practicing with Gergo, and in a euphoric moment we flew with the music and we did such an amazing improvisation that even we were suprised. Harmony and accord, a wonderful experience to live it. I feel that body consciousness permeates me, I almost see myself from the outside, see what limb will arrive where, and I am already there. And we read in each other's mind. In our way, we live the unity of consciousness.

I wish the same for everyone for the new year.
Come on Akrokommando! Acro yoga for All!

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